John & Sara

"Before meeting directly with Josh Doyle, my husband and I were uncertain we could afford the type of custom-built home that we longed for. We had both been through several Josh Doyle homes during the Toledo Parade of Homes, and had friends who had beautiful, well-built houses by Homes by Josh Doyle, too. We knew he did outstanding work, but were not convinced that we could afford one of his homes.   We previously met with builders and architects who either offered home design plans that were subpar, or were, what we longed for, but at a price that was extremely out of budget. Josh Doyle looked and listened to our exact design needs, and offered us a home that was beautiful and custom, yet still affordable. He was professionally direct and extremely knowledgeable on all building material prices and options, which made staying in-budget during the design and build of our home, incredibly simple.

With the help of Matt, our field manager, and the rest of the Homes by Josh Doyle staff, our months-long build process was made simple and relatively stress-free.

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716 - Powell Referral.jpg

Justin & Kinsey

"When we were looking for a builder, we were attracted to HBJD for 2 reasons:

1. Impressive neighborhoods with a great lot selection.

2. Farmhouse style homes that HBJD had built in the area like the Miami model.


We were thrilled to then get the added bonus of Josh designing our “custom” plan to meet our needs.


Once the build started, Matt our build manager was a pleasure to work with. He was very thorough and professional and managed the job extremely well.


We feel very blessed that we were able to build our dream / forever home with HbJD, and would recommend others to do the same.


Thanks for everything.


Jiawei & Wenfei

"Our house was just done by Homes By Josh Doyle. We absolutely love it!! Everybody that works for Homes by Josh Doyle is friendly and efficient, especially our field manager Matt. He did his job perfect. He will find problems before you find them and correct them the right away. He will write down every detail you mention and answer all of your questions with patience. Homes By Josh Doyle is worth every penny you spend. They use top of the line material and technology in the industry to build your house and make your home perfect from interior to exterior. Thanks again to everyone who works for Homes By Josh Doyle. You guys did a great job!"

705 - Liu Referral.jpg
723 - Trentman Referral.jpg

Roger & Diane

"We want to thank HbJD for our new home. We approached Josh with our own floor plan concept and he added his professional touch and turned it into reality. The 3D modeling gave us great comfort in our decisions. In the end it even looked like the pictures. We toured numerous open houses over several months and made the commitment to start the build. We talked to several different contractors and selected HbJD because he would build “our” floor plan. Once the house started things moved very swiftly and going to the house each night was like Christmas morning as there was progress that day. We had two minor delays but we moved in 5 months after breaking ground. All of the sub-contractors were professional and courteous taking pride in their work. Jake kept them scheduled making sure the next group showed up when it was their time. Thanks to the HbJD team for a very positive experience."

Zach & Courtney

"Going in we knew that HbJD was a proven builder in the market. We liked their ability to create a timeless, yet modern feel. We had many unique features in mind and an idea of our dream home’s layout and design. After a few discussions with Josh and the team, they went to work to develop our custom home. We valued the detailed and collaborative design and planning phases. It was then time to work the plan. The HbJD team is very knowledgeable and professional and delivered a great product that we are very happy to call our home. Great work, HbJD."

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681 - Harringer  Referral.jpg

Andy & Katie

"We had always known that our long-term plans as a married couple were to build. Homes by Josh Doyle ads began to pop up on my Facebook feed and I began to follow his building journey 5 years before we decided to build our own Josh Doyle Dream Home. Other builders’ designs and attention to detail just did not compare to what we received while building a Josh Doyle home.

The first time we met with Josh and Brianna, to talk about our plan for our dream home, they made us feel at ease and literally got to work designing our home right there on the spot.

Tom & Vicki

"We are SO very pleased with our new Josh Doyle Home! When we started to think about building a new home we looked at various options. We started visiting the model homes by Josh Doyle. After viewing a few of those model homes we knew that nothing else was going to make us happy. We started working with Josh on a plan. He made it so easy to make decisions while offering suggestions along the way. We also met with others at the office during the process of nailing down all the final plans. Everyone was extremely professional and helpful. They were wonderful to work with! During the build process our Field Manger, Matt, was just awesome! He was always available to answer questions and he kept us informed at all times as to the status of our build.

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626 - Wheeler Referral.jpg

Kevin & Sarah

"Working with Homes by Josh Doyle was a great experience. This is the second home we have built and felt the experience with HBJD was unique and gave us the ability to customize our home for our family. We are so happy with our home and feel that our visions were brought to life throughout the process. We can not recommend our project manager, Jake enough as he was with us every step of the way. We would recommend HBJD to anyone looking to build.”

Scott & Tricia

"When we finally made the decision to build and move out of the house we lived in for 18 years, we looked at several builders. We looked at a lot of floor plans online, and visited the model home... The Montana in The Hamptons subdivision. The model was beautiful and Josh took the time to answer all our questions. At our first appointment, we talked to Josh about what we wanted in a home and I remember him saying he had a layout that would work perfectly that wasn't shown online. He spent a few minutes looking for the files and when he pulled it up, Tricia and I knew we had picked the right builder. It was exactly what we wanted. Josh spent the next half hour making a few design changes to suit our specific tastes and we were sold.

Mother Nature wasn't kind to us early in the build process, but Doug, our field manager was always there to reassure us that this was nothing they hadn't dealt with before.

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602 - Searfoss Referral.jpg

Johnathon & Abby

"Our experience with HBJD was smooth and efficient. Prior to our meeting with Josh, we had spoke with multiple local builders and were not able to build our home within our budget. HBJD was agreeable to work with our custom plans, Josh was happy to make adjustments and even made improvements to it, and able to keep us within our budget.

One of the best parts about HBJD is the transparent pricing and ability to modify throughout the project. This allowed us to cut and add things quickly which allowed us to keep under our contract price, at the end of the build we even received money back.

Blaise & Brittany

"Why we picked HBJD:

Our choice to utilize HbJD was primarily due to the quality of their work in terms of functionality, durability, and aesthetics. We were also very drawn in by the overwhelming quantity of good reviews from previous customers. We felt confident moving forward with HBJD at that point, knowing our home and our future would be in great hands.


The Design Process

Going into the design meeting(s) with Josh, we weren’t exactly sure what type of home we wanted. Josh was helpful in finding us a model home to start with, and morphing it into the perfect home for us based on what we wanted to have in terms of space, # of rooms, stories, etc. By the time the design was finished, we felt immensely more comfortable with the home we had on our horizon. This guided portion of the process was extremely helpful! The fact that it can be done in person or virtual was especially beneficial.

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479 - Kurtz Referral.jpg

Karl & Michelle

"We began house hunting probably about three or four years ago, we looked at just about every house that came on the market in the price range we wanted to be in. Nothing was fitting our wants or needs and we were getting frustrated with our search but then we saw a 2 acre lot in town near our children's school go up for sale and we decided to buy it and take the plunge and build a house that we really wanted. We then started going through model homes all over the area to get ideas and talk to some of those builders. We were very nervous with most of the builders we talked to because we felt the project wouldn't be a turnkey product and we would have to do more than we were comfortable with in the building process. 

Lance & Dana

"We began to admire Homes by Josh Doyle in a neighborhood near our house. We would tour the area frequently looking for property to eventually build on. Each time we passed a new Josh Doyle house, I told my husband “that’s the builder I want.” While researching Homes by Josh Doyle online, we couldn’t find one bad review or unhappy customer – a rare feat – and after meeting the Josh Doyle team a short time later, we learned why. From the very beginning of our design process, Josh listened to our preferences and helped design a practical living space for our family. His attention to detail resulted in a home that was efficient, functional, and a great space to host all of our family’s most important events. We also cannot say enough good things about our project manager, Doug.

536 - Lancour Referral.jpg


"I interviewed several builders before I found Homes by Josh Doyle. I had a very specific vision in my head of the look and feel of the home we wanted to create. When I shared that vision, I was mostly dismissed and re-directed to something that the other builders were more familiar with…I needed to find a builder that was game. Then I met with Josh, he was game.

There were elements and details in my vision that included pop culture influences such as Game of Thrones and LOTR. Not in your face details, but a vibe of the home that pays homage in subtle ways to the things that my husband and I appreciate and enjoy. The small details mattered! 

Kevin & Kristin

"We LOVE our new home.
We extend our highest compliments to Josh and his entire team both for the quality of the home's workmanship and the entire purchasing/building process.

This was the first home that Kristin and I have ever built and we had thousands of questions and uncertainties, including what builder we should build with. Ultimately, we chose Homes by Josh Doyle because of the incredible positive reputation they have built in this community and the support we received by them during the decision-making process. Whenever we inquired about something, the team at Homes by Josh Doyle and in most cases Josh himself were quick to respond and they treated us with incredible respect and patience, almost as if we were family. We found his reputation to be well deserved.

Bill & Karen

"I highly recommend Homes by Josh Doyle as a Builder with great house designs, high quality look and his team is good to work with throughout the project.

We bought a lot in a neighborhood and expected to build a nice ranch design from his catalog of ideas. Before we started the build we found the property of our dreams on the Maumee River. The main issue with the property was the very steep backyard and challenging zoning requirements. Josh came up with an amazing design that minimized the expenses of the foundation work needed on our site and converted our dream house into a two-story with a walk out basement. Josh truly enjoys the creative part of the process and came up with a fantastic design during several meetings with him.

Mark & Debbie

"When we began thinking about building a new home, we went to numerous open houses and the Parade of Homes, and talked with as many people we could about the construction process and their experiences with their builders. Homes by Josh Doyle repeatedly rose to the top of our list because of all of the positive comments from their current and past clients. Josh’s experience and reputation were very important to us as we compared him with other custom builders. Over a year later we met with Josh a few times and we’re sure glad we did! He walked us through the complete process, from the design of our home, through the construction process, and to the final product. Josh was very patient with us as we made changes to our design, and then made more changes before we settled on the final plans. 

Brian & Taylor

"We came to Josh with a set of architecture plans and wanted a second opinion on our design. As first timers in the process, we appreciated Josh’s open and honest feedback. After meeting with him, we opted to modify the plans we had based on some of his feedback while maintaining the design Taylor had created. We were able to find the right balance between style and finishes while maintaining a reasonable price point. We met with Mike and finalized the build process including projected timeline and materials used. The entire staff at HBJD were knowledgeable and helpful in guiding us from start to finish. 

Todd & Tracy

“We chose to have HBJD build our home this past spring and we never dreamed the process could go so smoothly. We have heard they are like a well oiled machine and that could not be more true. From the first time we talked to Josh at the parade of homes to the last time we met with Kasey (our amazing project manager) at our new house it was a wonderful experience that we will never forget. Our home is not the biggest or most expensive home they have built or were building at the time but we always felt Iike we were very important to them. Any questions or concerns we had or last minute changes were addressed in a very timely manner with no issue. Their attention to detail and the quality that they require and produce is top notch. Everyone that we dealt with as we went through our build was friendly, patient, helpful and extremely professional. We absolutely love our house and we would confidently recommend them to anyone that is planning to build.”

Brad & Janelle

"Throughout our process with HBJD we have been extremely satisfied. From the first time we met with Josh and considered the design process, we appreciated Josh's patience, suggestions and flexibility, especially when we scrapped our entire plan and restarted form scratch. This only continued as we designed, redesigned and readjusted our plans. During our initial meeting, the process was explained very well and we were encouraged to ask any questions we had at any time. During the construction process we were highly satisfied with the entire process, the construction team's flexibility and willingness to make changes, price out new options and allow us to adjust our build at any time. 

Tim & Jean

"We recently built our retirement, dream house with Josh Doyle and are very pleased with our new home. Our home was started in May and finished by mid-October and the quality of the build is excellent! Our site manager, Kasey Studer did an outstanding job working with us in every phase of the building process. He was very helpful, always listening to our ideas and concerns, taking and giving suggestion every step of the way. We would highly recommend using Josh Doyle as a new home build."

Sarah & Will

"Josh Doyle and company were very easy to work with. We took one of Josh's existing designs and tweaked it to better fit our family. Josh listened to our wants and needs and produced our dream home! We have a well built, custom home that will serve our family well for many years. We have already recommended HBJD to many family and friends, and we will continue to support this reputable company!"


"We had a wonderful experience in building our new home with Homes By Josh Doyle! From the first design meeting until the day we were able to move in, we couldn't have been happier. Building a new home can be a stressful experience, but building with Homes By Josh Doyle was not. I would highly recommend HBJD!"

James & Leslie

"We loved the freedom to create a home design together; a design unlike anything previously developed, but a design that reflected what we needed in our home. Also, we loved working with Kasey as our site manager. He did his best to always meet us on-site and never complained about any changes we needed to make."

Randy & Joyce

"My husband and I had been following Josh since he started building in the area. My husband is very particular and was very impressed with Josh and his work . So after a couple of years we were ready and made the best decision ever. Josh worked with us to build our dream home. He listened to our ideas and made them happen while keeping within our budget. Everyone we worked with on Josh's team made the experience a great one."

Patrick & Samantha

We had a wonderful experience and love our Josh Doyle home! The house is very sound proof and we had someone tell us the framing was one of the best they have seen from multiple builders! Also all of our contractors were licensed and were more the willing to make sure things were done correctly! Just in case someone was looking to build with him. We are very happy with the quality we received. Also our warranty process went seamless!

Tom & Kelsey

"We purchased 3 acres of land in Fulton County three years ago with hopes to build our forever dream home someday. With the help of Josh, Mike, and Matt, our project manager, we were able to achieve this goal in the second half of 2016. We used an existing layout and tweaked it slightly to meet our families needs. The process was made easy with clear communication until we were happy with the final product. We were involved in every step of the process from the small details to big design ideas. The finishes and final product were exactly what we were hoping for. We would definitely recommend HBJD to anyone looking to build a home of any size, with any budget, and on any size lot."

Steve & Wendy

"My husband and I are very pleased with our choice in selecting Josh Doyle Homes to build our new house. We felt after much research they were the best builder for our needs and understood our wants. They built us a beautiful quality home that will last our family for years to come."

Kevin & Kati

"Working with Josh was a great experience from design to completion. His timing, availability, flexibility, responsiveness and attention to detail is second to none. Everyone we encountered through the build process was extremely courteous and friendly. We love our new home and highly recommend Homes by Josh Doyle!"

Mike & Danetta

"This is the second house we’ve built. The first house was not an enjoyable experience and therefore, we were very skeptical of builders and their processes in general. To make a long story short, after spending a few grand to design a house with who we thought was our “builder of choice”, we had it quoted to realize we could not afford it due to design inefficiencies. Of the four builders we didquote, the lowest bidder was Josh Doyle. More importantly, he was the only builder interested in optimizing the design to hit our cost target. Being a Designer-Builder, Josh was able to explain the cost drivers in detail and in the end we redesigned our house to hit our target and truly built the home of our dreams with HBJD. 

Pat & Laura

"Josh and team built a fantastic home for us. We can’t wait to move into our fully custom home built in only 4 months! Quality of workmanship is outstanding. Thanks Josh!"

Aaron & Kendra

"We are very pleased with the house Josh built for us. This was our first time building a house so we had a lot of ideas but needed help thinking through all of the decisions that must be made when building a house. Josh has a lot of different floor plans and models to walk through which made it easier to identify what we liked and didn't like. Once we narrowed in on a design, being able to sit down with Josh and talk through specific layouts that we thought would best meet the needs of our family was awesome. Other builders say they are custom but then when you want to make changes to a design beyond where to put a closet they tell you you can't do it. Josh never once said we couldn't do something.

Todd & Rhonda

"We were fortunate enough to meet Josh and his team at a parade of homes event. Josh’s design was the perfect fit for us and their team made the process smooth. Doug our field manager handled everything and was great to work with. Everyone on their team from Josh, Mike, Don made our design and building our dream home a reality. Thanks!"

Mike & Kari

"Building a house with Josh was seamless, efficient, and fun. The design phase was easy as Josh was able to modify his designs on the spot to accommodate our unique interests and needs. Once through the design phase we met with our job supervisor and build team who introduced us to HBJD's online customer portal, walked us through the build timeline, and provided us with all the information we needed to begin making interior design choices. We had as much or as little contact with our job supervisor as we wanted. The subcontractors were all professional and did great work. When there was a mistake or miscommunication, which happens during any build, Josh's team was quick to respond and on the occasion they discovered the mistake was on their end there were more than willing to make things right. We had a great experience, we love our home, and would recommend anyone looking to build a higher quality home for a great price check out HBJD!"

Matt & Kristin

"When my husband and I decided on building we always said we wanted to build a forever home so building with Homes by Josh Doyle was an easy choice! His homes are unique and high-quality and the entire process from start to finish was very enjoyable! The entire team was very professional and very quick to answer the many questions we had along the way. Josh was able to take all of our ideas and modify them into a floorplan that met the needs of our family. The 3D design process was awesome! We were able to see what our future home was going to look like before breaking ground! We loved that we were able to customize everything to make it our own. When people ask us who we would recommend to build a home we proudly say HBJD. A big thank you to Josh and the entire team for making our home building process memorable and enjoyable and we can’t wait to enjoy our home for many years to come!"

Nick & Laurie

"After searching for an existing home for months and coming up empty, we decided to explore building. We talked with a few builders and walked through their model homes, but none of them felt quite right. Then we met Josh... and the rest is history! We designed and built and could not be happier! From the beginning we could tell a huge difference in quality between our home, and others we saw during our search. We love the design of our home and know it will last a lifetime. Thanks to Josh and his team for getting us into a house we are thrilled to call home!"

Dave & JoAnn

"We remember when we first met you and we are now living in our dream home! This was an exciting adventure and we enjoyed the whole process. The great people you have working for you… Mike Mallory, Lora, Suzette at GD, Amy & Rick at CK, Ken at K&L did a excellent job with our floor & tile. And especially Doug Lorain, He was always there whenever we called and cannot say enough about him! Thanks for making a beautiful home for us to enjoy!"

Steve & Jaclyn

"While this was our first home building experience, we can’t imagine it being any better. From the design and budget meetings to the ground breaking, Josh and his team were always there to answer any questions and to allow us to give input and make changes as we needed. We were hesitant in building our first home and very unsure as to how the process would unfold. Being an experienced custom builder, Josh made this process so simple and efficient. Once we broke ground, Josh and his team did a terrific job of communicating and keeping us up to date on progress made and any decisions that we needed to make. In the end, we could not imagine this process being any easier or having as great of a result.

Tim & Angie

"This is the first house we built. I was able to take Josh a rough sketch of a layout that worked for our family. He then was able to work with us and create the exact home that we wanted. Other builders would only make minor changes of their model homes, but with Josh we were able to design our own unique home."

Bo & Carrie

"Well we are now in our new home in a total of 4 1/2 months of construction. (There is a new home in our neighborhood that was started 2 months prior to ours, and they were in a week before us, for a total construction time of over 6 months.) After shopping around for 8 years, off and on and speaking with various builders, we are ecstatic that we decided to go with Homes by Josh Doyle. There are many different styles and layouts of homes, and we felt the Oak Harbor best suited our family due to its openness and size. 

Alan & Sue

"We just wanted to thank everyone at HBJD for building us such a beautiful home! We know this was a team effort and we appreciate all the hard work. Kasey was especially amazing at making sure everything got done in a timely manner. The gift bag made by Josh's mother was amazing and the items inside really topped it all off, very thoughtful! Thanks again to everyone!
My husband and I loved this builder. After the first meeting we dealt with the project manager (Kasey) who was amazing to work with. We've built 5 homes, and this company bent over backwards to give us what we wanted.

Tim & Tammy

"The most efficient and trustworthy contractor around is Homes By Josh Doyle. When Homes by Josh Doyle sets a schedule they stay with it – if not ahead of it!"

Dave & Allison

"To us HBJD helped us create the exact house we had envisioned for our family. Josh’s ability to make the design changes that matter to us, and not settle for anything less than the best, is why Josh Doyle stands above all builders. This was our second house that we have built and HBJD surpassed all of our expectations through quality and efficient homes. Custom home is not just a word to Josh Doyle; it is the motto for his company. Production Manager Mike Mallory helped us through the process to answer any question or concerns we had, no matter the time. Mike made sure that everything was done the right way. All this and by the way, finished in 3 months. There are many words that can explain our building experience with HBJD but we want to sum it up in two…Thank You!"

Bill & Carrie

"When we started looking for a builder, we didn’t know if we would be able to build the custom home we dreamed of on our budget. We were lucky to have found Josh, who was able to help us design a home that met all of our needs and fit into our budget. Everything in our home is what we picked out, from paint colors to the light fixtures. We broke ground in October and moved into our new home in January and are extremely happy and loving our beautiful new home!"

Joe & Peggy

"Homes By Josh Doyle provided us with a unique experience in building our new home. As the builder designer, Josh provided computerized floor plans that allowed us to see changes immediately while in the planning stage. Preset milestones in construction makes the process easy to follow. The working relationship with Josh Doyle and site manager Mike Mallory has been exceptional. Homes By Josh Doyle gave us the house we wanted at a budget we could afford."


When we decided to build a home we did not think a private builder was affordable. We met with Josh and learned it was possible. We could afford one of his great floor plans and energy efficient houses. Josh works to design a home based on what your needs are and what is most important to you. We decided on a Liberty Center floor plan that Josh had drawn up and started the process. We soon realized after meeting with Mike Mallory that we need to rework our floor plan. Within a couple of days we had a completely revamped first floor plan and our updated pricing. We met our project manager Matt Bergfeld on ground breaking day and the process began.

Ron & Debbie

"After meeting with several builders we met Josh at the parade of Homes and new we had found our builder. Josh was able to blend our ideas with his suggestions to create not only our house but our home!"

Alan & Monica

“From day one, Josh made it easy on us. He answered any questions we had and showed us many amazing designs. After we chose our plan, we were able to customize our home with the layout and features we wanted with suggestions from Josh. Once the building process started, our project manager, Kasey, communicated every step of the way and made everything go smooth from start to finish. We highly recommend HBJD to anyone looking to build a home!”

Jeremy & Ashlee

"We chose Josh Doyle to build our forever home and we weren't disappointed! We were drawn to his designs and then when we met him, he was very flexible with our ideas. He helped make our ideas, along with our budget, come to life. Matt was our project manager and he was great. Everyone we dealt with along the way, including those we worked with to make our choices, were extremely helpful and kind. Our build was on time, it is everything we hoped it would be and we couldn't be happier!"

Marc & Jami

“Our build with Josh was amazing from start to finish. We came to him with an interior we loved and an exterior that didn't fit our design ideas, and a very specific vision of what we wanted. Josh was open to our ideas and took our vision and made it happen. We spent over 10 years building this dream in our minds and Josh was able to put it on paper and make it a reality. He and the entire team took the time to meet with us and go over every detail, no matter how minute throughout the entire process, that was very important to us. My husband spent 15 years in the industry and had very high standards, Josh was able to meet all of those and exceed so many. We have our dream home now, but if we should choose to build in the future, it will be with Josh Doyle.”

Tony & Wendy

"From our initial design meeting with Josh to the day we moved into our new home, we felt confident that choosing HBJD for our build was a great decision! Everyone involved was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable which really helped ease the stress that can come with building a house! THANK YOU HBJD!!!"

Ryan & Jessica

“Our design process was so much fun! As first time home builders we had a lot of questions and Josh was happy to answer them for us. He listened to our wants, needs and suggestions and helped us design our home. The entire build process was fun as well. My husband and I loved watching each step from beginning to end and we were always greeted by the people working every day. Doug was incredible!! We definitely recommend HBJD!”

Scott & Kristan

"Our building experience with Homes by Josh Doyle was a wonderful experience from start to finish. We fell in love with the Montana model home at the 2012 Parade of Homes. Although we were not ready to build at that time, Josh sat down with us and explained the process. Four years later, we sat down with Josh again, but this time to start the planning stage for our forever home. Josh projected the plans for the Montana onto a large screen and together we modified the floor plans to meet the needs of our family. He was very helpful and patient with us through this process.

John & Kathy

"All I can say is “WOW”. From start to finish, everything went like clockwork. We ended up with a high quality, stick built home in just over 3 months. The various contractors were highly reputable and very courteous and conscientious. Designing our home and working with Josh Doyle and Mike Mallory was a great experience."

Bill & Cathi

"Building our home with Homes By Josh Doyle was a very good experience for my wife and I. This was the third custom built home we’ve bought. Picking out the lot and the drawing process with Josh was very easy. After a few meetings of changes etc, Josh designed and drew up our home the way that we wanted it to be. We had a production meeting a few weeks before the dig and we met Mike Mallory and our assigned project manager Doug Laurain. Doug did a nice job through the build letting us know what was going to be done next in the process so we were always up to date had the items ready for him that we needed to supply, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, paint colors etc. 

Jamie & Julie

"From the very first contact, our needs and wants in a home were discussed. Josh took the time to re design a house plan to meet our families needs. We did not feel rushed or pressured during the process at all. He made our needs important throughout the process. 
We told him exactly the materials such as flooring, etc. He was able to provide us a comprehensive line items of expense during the entire process. He even priced out extras prior to signing the contract if you weren't totally sure at the beginning. 

Bob & Pam

"Three years ago we had the pleasure of meeting Josh Doyle. We had met with several local builders but Josh excited us and gave us the best option to custom design our home to meet our needs to build our dream home! The building process went smoothly with any minor concerns being handled immediately. Three years later we still LOVE our beautiful home. We would highly recommend Josh Doyle for building your dream home."

Ryan & Jessica

“Our design process was so much fun! As first time home builders we had a lot of questions and Josh was happy to answer them for us. He listened to our wants, needs and suggestions and helped us design our home. The entire build process was fun as well. My husband and I loved watching each step from beginning to end and we were always greeted by the people working every day. Doug was incredible!! We definitely recommend HBJD!”


"We are currently building a HBJD and are very pleased with the process and the quality of work by everyone on the team including subcontractors hired by HBJD. We love our Home by Josh Doyle and I know you will too!"

Matt & Amy

"Josh was able to enhance our concept to create an efficient and affordable design that would meet the needs of our family for years to come. His diligent build process resulted in occupancy in 13 weeks after construction began. This was of tremendous value since we were moving from out of state."

Tom & Beth

"Our story began at the Greater Toledo Home Show. We came across a well-spoken professional builder in our search for someone to construct our retirement home. The project would take place 100 miles from where we lived, so the quality of “TRUST” that all would go well, was very important to us. Quality and care in workmanship were evident as we researched HBJD, and we became convinced this was the way to go. We made an excellent decision. We love our new home, are greatly pleased with how everything turned out, and appreciate all the effort it took in completing the project. The distance away of the worksite was a challenge both for the contractors and us at times, but everyone pulled together and made it happen. HBJD does quality work at a very reasonable price, and we recommend them strongly as a great choice if you are choosing a home builder."

Tyler & Krystal

“It was always a dream of ours to build a house. When we decided it was time, we met with Josh and knew Homes by Josh Doyle was the right fit. Throughout the process Josh was patient with us and all our changes we wanted to make to our forever home. Finally after about a year of planning the actual building process began and it was extremely enjoyable. All the subcontractors were friendly and helpful. Any changes during the process were easy to make between Josh and his team. We loved working with Josh and his team on our forever home!! Almost four years later we still absolutely love everything about our home.”

Louie & Jeanette

"It was always our dream to build a home and after we met with a few “builders” we thought we had decided on one until the afternoon we went to the 2012 HBA House & Home Show. As we were completing our walk-through we came across the HBJD Exhibit and after our conversation with you we knew we wanted to build our new home with you. A few days passed before we set up our initial meeting to describe our vision and discuss options with you. While you listened you made professional suggestions to guide us through the process and as you implemented our ideas we were able to visualize in real-time the floor plan you had created and were were very excited. Of course we wanted to sign on the dotted line immediately….

Tim & Adelle

“It has been over 6 years since you built my house and my wife and I are thoroughly enjoying it! The first thing that attracted us to your homes was the fact that they were very affordable. Also, you were easy to work with and any design changes were just a “mouse click” away and usually done during one of our pre-construction meetings. The standard quality of the materials that you used were way above normal builder’s standards and that was very important to an engineer like me.

Pat & Joy

"A Special thanks to Josh and his team for designing/building the home of our dreams. Josh created a functional floor plan that blended our wishes and remained within our budget. We are very happy in our new home and would highly recommend Josh to any of our friends!"


I chose to have my home built by Homes by Josh Doyle because I like the style and the pricing of your homes. I feel the quality is better then some other builders in the area. Doug Laurain was the one in charge of working with me and I feel he was the best. I think your employees all do a great job keeping on top of everything.

Jef & Kristy

"A great experience from the first meeting. We had met with 3 other builders before finding Josh. When we met, I knew we were prepared and certain with what we were looking for. We even came with 4 of his floor-plans that we liked. Getting started, he told us not to worry about those, but was specifically asking what we were looking for. With that, he pulled a floor-plan out (one that we did not know was available) and began making changes right then to suit our ideas. He not only changed the 2nd floor around for us, but redesigned the facade of the house as well. 

"My wife and I were looking to build our pre-retirement home on a parcel of land we have in Temperance, Michigan. We decided to attend the parade of homes to get some idea of what is out there and maybe we could find bits and pieces from each house and then have our house designed. We started out in Sylvania, Ohio and then to Waterville and then Monclova. After about 6 or 7 houses, we ended up at Houses by Josh Doyle Colorado model home. As we walked in the house and took a quick tour, we said we are done looking and this is our home.

Jeff & Donna

Michael & Clark

“When Clark and I started our search to find a home builder, we had a few specific requirements – the ability to create a custom home; an honest and clear build process with no hidden fees; and a creative and enjoyable design process. Clark and I moved to Ohio from New York City several years ago, and we had envisioned a home designed with east coast finishes and an open, more contemporary concept. I am happy to say HBJD hit all our requirements and exceeded our expectations! Having previous design experience flipping homes, I was looking for a truly creative atmosphere while finding a happy medium between our builder offering their professional experience and us being able to make changes and create the home we had envisioned.

"We love our home! HBJD’s original designs drew us to them and when we expressed what our desired layout was, Josh pulled out a new design he completed and we looked no further. We originally came to Josh with our own set of plans that we invested in that we decided to shelve and opt for Josh’s design. The build process was very organized. There was very little guessing of “what’s next”, “what is the deadline”, or “what is the cost”. 

Will & Heidi

Chris & Suzy

First of all, let us thank you for the very nice and thoughtful housewarming bag. That was such a nice gesture to welcome us to our new home. 
Our story begins about three years ago when we were in the market for a different house and just couldn’t find the one we could call home. Driving around one day, we came across a beautiful lot that backed up to the woods and it was reasonably priced. My husband came up with the crazy idea that we should just build what we want. While we knew we just weren’t finding any houses that we liked, we’ve also heard a lot of horror stories of other people building houses. Since we found a piece of land that we loved, we decided to go for it and build.