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1,968 SqFt Breckenridge

Design + Build On Your Lot

CUSTOMER REVIEW: “I have been following HBJD on social media for several years. My husband & I have always dreamed of building a home together, and after 22 years of marriage, we finally decided to make our dream a reality. We started out by attending Open Houses by HBJD. We actually did this for a couple of winters while we worked up the nerve to take the plunge! We only interviewed 2 builders, and the other was more local to where we live, but we really liked the 3D design & customization that Doyle provides. Bri did a great job on bringing our ideas to fruition & creating a design we loved. Our favorite part of building was working directly with our project manager Brad. We liked Brad from day 1. He just has a warm smile, a calm demeanor, an obvious knowledge & mastery of the industry & throughout the process--the patience of a saint! It's a blessing to have someone who knows what they're doing, is a great communicator & you can trust to get things done in a timely manner. We always felt like Brad had our best interests at heart. We also really enjoyed working with Emily in the finance department. My husband & I are both budgeting/accounting/finance people & we appreciated her prompt replies to all our questions & excellent communication skills. We are very much looking forward to settling into our gorgeous new home! It really is a dream come true!”  Cari & John



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