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2,740 SqFt Winterfel

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

"I interviewed several builders before I found Homes by Josh Doyle. I had a very specific vision in my head of the look and feel of the home we wanted to create. When I shared that vision, I was mostly dismissed and re-directed to something that the other builders were more familiar with…I needed to find a builder that was game. Then I met with Josh, he was game.

There were elements and details in my vision that included pop culture influences such as Game of Thrones and LOTR. Not in your face details, but a vibe of the home that pays homage in subtle ways to the things that my husband and I appreciate and enjoy. The small details mattered! When I shared my vision with Josh it was clear that my creatively outpaced our budget but instead of “no’, I heard options that could get us to a place close to my vision. Josh was willing to be creative with us! This wasn’t a version of an existing floor plan, this was our mutual creation and he was up for it!

I was actually sad when the build was over, I enjoyed it so. I would love to build another home again and when we do, it will be with Homes by Josh Doyle." - Jennifer |



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