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2232 Sq Ft Breckenridge

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Referral from Customer:

"We began to admire Homes by Josh Doyle in a neighborhood near our house. We would tour the area frequently looking for property to eventually build on. Each time we passed a new Josh Doyle house, I told my husband “that’s the builder I want.” While researching Homes by Josh Doyle online, we couldn’t find one bad review or unhappy customer – a rare feat – and after meeting the Josh Doyle team a short time later, we learned why. From the very beginningof our design process, Josh listened to our preferences and helped design a practical living space for our family. His attention to detail resulted in a home that was efficient, functional, and a great space to host all of our family’s most important events. We also cannot say enough good things about our project manager, Doug . Doug understands great customer service like no one else. He would kept us up to date on our building process at all times, gently reminded us when we had an outstanding to-do items, and answered every phone call or text message in a prompt manner. We were amazed that he took care of every detail or minor request – sometimes within hours of us making it. Doug is incredibly kind and treats the end product as if it is his own home – another testament of his great service. The best part of our build process was that it happened fast. We were amazed by the timeline that we were given and even more amazed when it was met. The compliments we have received on our new home are endless from our movers, to furniture delivery men, friends, and family each person describes our home as “beautiful”. Thank you Josh, Doug, and the entire Homes by Josh Doyle Team for helping us build our dream home!"

-Lance and Dana



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