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3,265 Green Bay

Referral from this Customer:

As we began the journey for finding our "perfect home" and looking thru multiple homes, we quickly realized that we could build a new home for about what we could get buying at this time.

We chatted with a few builders and still felt unsure, but as soon as we sat down with Josh we knew this was it! Josh is amazing at what he does and to see a house design come alive right in front of you is so reassuring and makes you feel comfortable proceeding down the journey or building a forever home.

We left confident that we would be getting a high quality, amazing designed house within a budget we could afford. We were nervous with the building process, as we have heard horror stories, but HBJD were great with helping every step of the way!

The process was definitely a lot less stressful then we thought it would be. In the end we have OUR PERFECT HOUSE! It couldn't have happened without Josh and his awesome staff! Thank you for making our dreams come true. - The Seiler's



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