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Pennsylvania 3080

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Referral from Customer: "First off, thank you for the incredible journey over the last 6 months from planning, developing, building, and moving into our forever home! Our journey began a little over 2 years ago as we came across a building company by the name of “Homes by Josh Doyle.” My wife and I could not believe the detail, the openness of the floor plans, and the amount of customization that went into each of the houses built by Homes by Josh Doyle. For example, look at the Omaha and one will see how each family has been able to design and customize this model to their liking (every version is different and truly unique). Homes by Josh Doyle puts the customers first making each and every house unique, which is what my wife and I valued most about this company. After looking at the Facebook page my wife and I decided to venture to a local subdivision, where two model homes were located at the time. It was here that my wife and I found our dream property, located on the lot next to one of the model homes. We emailed Josh that day that we were interested in the property but would not be ready to build for another year or so. Although we were not ready at the moment, Josh was still willing to work with us on designing a custom version of the Pennsylvania and finding a way to reserve the lot so that we could build on the piece of land that we wanted. Josh was also able to work with us on making this custom home affordable within our budget, rather than telling us that we need to pick a different design. Again, this shows how the vision of the company is all about providing the customer with their dream home. Josh took a big chance on us as a young couple, fresh out of college, and this is really what solidified our belief in this company moving forward. Everything started to come together once the building process began. Our project manager, Matt, kept everything on track and exceed all expectations that my wife and I had going into the build. Matt always kept my wife and I updated on the build, and made sure that there was minimal down time during the build. I would definitely give him a high recommendation for any one looking to build with Homes by Josh Doyle. Within 6 months my wife and I were ready to move into our new home. Each and every day I wake up and realize that Homes by Josh Doyle delivered on making the reality of our forever home come true, making the wait well worth it in the end. To all the others who help out during this build, mainly Mike and Brianna, thank you for all that you did to make this project move smoothly. My wife and I believe in this company and will always recommended Homes by Josh Doyle to others who are looking to build their dream home. Thanks for the journey!" -Eric and Samantha



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