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Denver 2,635 Sq Ft

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Referral from Customer:

"If you’re thinking about building your dream home, DO IT, but don’t do it with just any builder; build your dream home with Homes By Josh Doyle! Josh and his team make this exciting journey completely custom, on your budget, and EASY!

When we were ready to build our forever dream home we did a lot of research and then one day, we came across HBJD on the Internet and just knew we needed to set up an appointment and work with this team. From our initial meeting it was clear that we were going to be able to get everything that we wanted and that we could get it on our own lot, we didn’t have to build in a sub-division. Our second meeting was with Josh himself and this was where he listened to what we wanted our home to have in regards to design, and then he designed it, right in front of us. Within a few days we had a full layout specific to exactly what we wanted, including the walk-in pantry for my 100 year old door. At this point, we were all set to go to the planning meeting, I attended this meeting on my own and Mike and our Project Manager Doug L. were awesome, they explained everything that was going to take place step-by-step and were receptive to my questions and provided helpful answers. At no point throughout the process were we left feeling intimidated, confused, or in the dark.

During the actual build process, we could not have been more at ease! Doug was there every step of the way, asking us questions, making sure that what was planned/scheduled was correct, and he was there to answer all the questions that we had as we went along. Our lot did cause a bit of a hiccup but Doug brought it to our attention right away and he came with a solution already planned. It was nice that we did not have to figure out a plan on our own and that we were kept in the loop the whole time. As the build continued we were able to be involved every step of the way, lighting location and fixtures, plumbing locations and fixtures, I even changed a window to a door and they had no problem doing it! Everything we planned was carried out exactly how we envisioned it and it was such an awesome process, Doug was amazing!

Our forever dream home is exactly that, our dream home come to life, we could not be happier to have our family in a Homes By Josh Doyle home.

Thank you for everything HbJD!!!!!!"

-Amanda & Chris



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